About Me


Hi! I am Bridgette Lanham & I am excited to share with you my personal health & fitness journey. The goal is to help others, share our successes & build each other up!

When my husband & I decided in November 2014 that I was going to stay at home with our kids, I knew I also wanted to start focusing on feeling my best physically & mentally AND sharing my journey socially with the hope of having a space to motivate and help my friends. Four years ago, health & fitness were one of my top priorities, but after I had my children, I struggled with finding time to exercise, I would eat things that I knew weren’t good for my body & made excuses for my poor choices.
Then after I had my son in March of 2014, I did my first cleanse, the Advocare 10 day cleanse. It truly got me motivated to start eating healthy, I lost my baby weight & got me back on the right track. I want to share this success with everyone I know. After all my years of being crazy into health & fitness, I never tried products that I liked until Advocare. If you are interested in losing weight, toning up, getting healthy or gaining energy we should chat! I am here to help!

Please note, I am not a professional, I am just an everyday mom, who is excited to share what is personally working for me. Please contact your doctor/healthcare professional with any medical concerns or questions.


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