Advocare 10 Day Cleanse: Day 2

We made it to day 2! Day 2 seemed to be so much easier for the newbies versus Day 1. Everyone loves Spark. So glad they believed me that there is only one way to consume the fiber drink and that is by mixing it with Spark.


Spark is amazing. Most days, I drink at least 2 cups of a coffee a day & I haven’t craved coffee at all. This doesn’t mean I am turning my back on coffee but if I have Spark I can function as a real human being.

For breakfast we had eggs & fruit, nothing fancy. Homemade turkey sausage post is coming tomorrow! Around 10am, I was craving something sweet so I sliced up a banana and topped each slice with just a little organic all-natural peanut butter (only ingredients are peanuts). Totally fulfilled my craving!


I took some chicken & quinoa we cooked up the day before & made us chicken chipotle bowls for lunch. No science here.

1. In a skillet, added chicken, black beans, corn & salsa. Mixed it all together & warmed it up over medium heat.


2. Now for the layers, took the quinoa (which had sauteed onions in it) & placed it on the bottom. Then a layer of lettuce, next layer is the chicken mixture & then topped with tomatoes and jalapenos.


Our dinner was turkey chili, post already up on the blog

Oh & one last thing, day 2 involved some toilet talk…yes, I said it. It happens, we are on a cleanse. Nothing scary but it made for some good jokes.

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